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Hi and welcome to my website, you may be here because you already have an awareness of reflexology and you are looking to find the right reflexologist within Leicester, or it could be a complete accident that you have landed on my site, but before you click off, (because I am a great believer in things happening for a reason) just take a minute to think, 'do you need a treatment that helps with relaxation, release of tension, improved sleep, improved mood and increased wellbeing'? then perhaps this was no accident!

If you live or work in Leicestershire then reflexology might be just what you need to relieve the stresses of everyday life and support you physically and emotionally.

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My name is Sheena and I am a Clinical Reflexologist based between Leicester and Loughborough offering hand and foot Reflexology to clients within the Leicestershire area.

My treatment room is in the Charnwood village of Birstall which is situated between Leicester and Loughborough on the A6 and is within easy reach from the A46.

I have off street free parking outside, but for those clients that do not drive I am also situated on several main bus routes with the bus stop yards from my treatment room.

I am also happy to offer a mobile reflexology service within Leicestershire for those clients with mobility limiting conditions. Please note, there may be an extra charge for clients requiring a mobile visit, this is to cover the cost of travelling expenses.

Many of my clients come to see me for support because they are struggling with poor health, amongst these are Diabetes, Anxiety, Ulcerative Colitis, Thyroid function, back/neck/shoulder etc pain, sciatic pain, Arthritis, Fatigue, fertility/pregnancy, IBS to mention a few, all looking for help, through reflexology to restore balance to their body, mind and spirit.

Reflexology does not claim to cure any of these conditions, however relief can be gained through relaxation, release of tension, improved sleep, improved mood and increased wellbeing.

A Reflexologist is not able to diagnose conditions and it should not be used in place of seeking medical advice so if you have any concerns about your health then please consult your doctor. It can, however, be used to work alongside traditional treatment and is truly a wonderful holistic therapy. I am constantly being amazed by its results.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is an ancient, safe and non-intrusive complimentary therapy based on the theory that all the organs and systems of the body have a corresponding reflex point on the feet, lower leg, hands, face and ears. A trained Clinical Reflexologist is able to detect imbalances within the body by applying special pressure techniques to these reflexes which in turn stimulates the body’s own natural healing ability, promoting better health and wellbeing.

It is suitable for all ages, from babies to the elderly, pregnant women and those undergoing chemotherapy. You may try reflexology to help with a particular issue, whether physical or emotional and because the body’s own healing ability is triggered during a reflexology treatment it will address all imbalances, so some people find improvement in other areas too, this may have instant results or maybe noticed over a period of time – every person is unique and the only way to know if reflexology will help you is to try it!

You may be feeling fantastic and would like to maintain this with regular ‘me’ time, which is so very important in sustaining good health, just as heathy nutrition and exercise is. A survey conducted by Professional Association the FHT, has found that reflexology is one of the most popular complementary therapies demanded by clients.

Please view the rest of my site for further information on this wonderful therapy. If you have any questions about how reflexology may help you specifically then please do not hesitate to give me a call. My mobile number is listed opposite.

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